Our Story & Values

SIMPLY WINE LIMITED is a specialty wine store established in Hong Kong by two wine lovers in 2012. Drinking quality wine starts with knowing its origins. That is why we focus solely on Organic, Biodynamic wines, and wines with Minimal or Low Intervention (natural wine - little is added and little is taken away). Wine should be natural, characterised by its terroir (land, region and climate) of that vintage (year). It should not be something made from mixed fermented grape juice with added chemicals and artificial tannins in order to give you an expected and ‘manufactured’ bottle of wine.

The market is saturated by mass-produced wines that take away the enjoyment of tasting wine at its most natural and pure form. This is why we devote ourselves to promoting low-intervention wines that are handcrafted and grown Organically or Biodynamically with minimal intervention.



Our Belief | More than Organic

Organic farming is the first step to success but for us, that’s simply not enough. Some will produce ‘manufactured’ wines using organic/biodynamic grapes. Minimal intervention, low sulfites are qualities we look for in our wines as we believe in sustainable viticulture and natural winemaking. Wines made in this traditional way simply taste better. Screwcap or Cork? It doesn't matter.


Our Concept on Price-war & Competition

We are not a fan of price wars. Since our launch in 2012, we noticed that there are fellow entrepreneurs with similar mindset to ours. While we are delighted that we share similar mindset about low-intervention wines, we will not tolerate any price wars. Instead, we should try to grow together naturally and educate our community on sustainability. Spread the words!

Wine is a form of lifestyle and cultural expression after all, so why not choose something that is made by genuine artisans?!


Simply Wine, Simply Better.