Our Wines


let our wines speak for themselves...


Why Simply Wine?

First, we import our wines directly from the wineries and we are the exclusive distributor for nearly all of our wines. This means that you are not going to find our wines at a lower price elsewhere. Most of the wineries we work with are small, family-owned and operated, that do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Natural winemaking requires skill, patience and hard physical work. It can only be done with people and winemakers with deep passion.


Why go with Organic, Biodynamic and Natural (low-intervention) wines?

A lot of friends ask us this question. We would always say "On the outside, these wines look the same as the others on the shelf but not only do they taste different, but they were definitely not made in the same way." Mass-produced wines are boring as wines are not soft drinks and therefore should not be produced like one. Modern techniques like Chaptalisation (adding of sugar to boost alcohol and sweetness), Fining (can reduce tannin), and the use of Cultured & Commercial Yeast are used to create a manufactured taste of the wine. Wines should reflect their regions, climate and, vintage (year of production) and our selection of organic, biodynamic, and natural wines are made in such a way that minimal is added to them and taken away from them.